Oil – Disco: Oil

14 07 2008

Procedencia: Cochabamba
Pagina Web: http://www.oil.com.bo
Blog: http://oil-rock.blogspot.com/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/oilyshit
Artista: Oil
Album: Oil
Año: 2006
Track List:
Track Titulo
01 The Room(Burning Stones)
02 Nothing
03 Dependency
04 Waste
05 Anathema
06 Blame
07 Break
08 Under
09 Restless
10 Felo De Se
[ Oil ] es:

Vocals and Guitar Marcelo Navia
Guitar Javier Aguilar
Electric Guitar Miguel Alvarez
Bass Guitar Olivier Devaux
Drums Alvaro Vidaurre
All song and lyrics written by Marcelo Navia Valdivia
Break and Anathema M. Navia – Javier Aguilar
Arranged by OIL
Additional Arrangements by Cacho Romero
Mixed and Mastered by Cacho Romero
Recorded at “Mutante” Studio. Cochabamba. Bolivia
Sleeve designed by Vico Paiva
Cover / interior photography Olivier Devaux / Andrea Peralta / John Connell / Ariel Paz / Vico Paiva
* Waste contains dialogues extracted from the motion picture “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotiess Mind” © FOCUS FEATURES 2004




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